How long does my order take?

Each order takes about 5-7 working days depending on the item and the quantity. For larger order it could take 10-15 days. Please plan accordingly.

Can I print anything on these items?

Yes, for most part as long as we can fit your logo or message in the imprint area, then we can print it. Avoid to much text in smaller items.

I don't have artwork can you help me with that?

Yes, as part of your order, we provide free design services to ensure the final merch meets your specs. This also make it easier for us control production for best results.

I want to order less than minimum quantity, can I do that?

We want to give the best price possible per piece and we want to sure that our efforts to design, setup, print, package and ship your order do not go to waste we prefer to sell at least the minimum listed on our site. Pre-production samples printed and un-printed are available for single pieces but require additional fees.

I don't want to order from the website, I can I just sent you a Purchase Order?

Yes, you can email us your purchase order and artwork together and we'll help you process the order.

I have an event and need things in a rush!

We can rush order if we can physically do it at no extra charge but usually transit time during shipping is where the challenge lays. Just emails us and we can work things out just to be sure.

Do you have any other items not shown on your site?

Yes! We have thousands of items. Our goal is to simplify your ordering process so limit the amount of items shown. Just email us what your looking for. Ordering a large quantity, we can manufacture it for you.


For any quick questions use our Quick Chat on the bottom right hand corner of your screen or you can always email us